Use of exclamation points in business writing

Who should use this chart? Something about it just seems friendly to me—I consider it the warm smile of the punctuation world. This punctuation should be reserved for those times when you really are hoping to convey significant excitement or joy.

It makes you seem melodramatic and will give employers pause about allowing you to represent the company to partners or clients.

So, then why do you feel the need to end every single sentence of your email with that mark? Your resume or cover letter, for example? Is the lunchroom out of coffee again!?! How do you decide when to use the exclamation point and when to let it go? Are you guilty of abusing exclamation marks in your emails, memos or even blog posts?

That happy hour invite email to your team or a quick note thanking your co-worker for bringing in her famous guacamole? We have another design meeting this afternoon!!!

Are exclamation points acceptable in professional correspondence?

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning!!!! Overusing this one piece of punctuation gives your communications a distinctly middle school flavor and kills your credibility.

And, I mean only once. Even if you disregard all of the other rules, sticking with this requirement will ensure that your favorite punctuation is reserved for only the times that really deserve it. Let me know on Twitter —but, think twice about your punctuation first.

These are all pretty banal things okay, that last one could be pretty serious, but why are you writing about it? You know, because you might freak them out!!!! Kat Boogaard I have a soft spot in my heart for the exclamation point.

Pick the place that you think it fits best in your written message, and then delete all of the others. One way to make sure you look super unprofessional in your written communications is to display overt excitement or extreme emotion about everything!!!

So, use the power of the exclamation point sparingly. HubSpot lays the ground rules for acceptable use of this useful but often overworked punctuation point in a chart aptly titled, Should I Use an Exclamation Mark?

Honestly, probably too much. Use it for Friendly Correspondence Like I said earlier, the exclamation point seems to be the friendliest of all punctuation. Here are three times you can go ahead and whip out that beloved punctuation—as well as three times you better hit the backspace button.

Those should definitely be exclamation point free. Are you on fire? You may want to rethink your over use of this punctuation mark. Have a peek and see.In response, editors have begun cautioning writers to use exclamation points sparingly, if at all. “When I was at Conde Nast, an editor told me I was allowed one exclamation point a year.

I've gone on to make that demand of anyone who contributes to our site,” says Susan Farewell, editor of Overusing the exclamation point is easy. Here's how to keep yourself in check.

When to Use the Exclamation Point Professionally - The. In points one and two, I make the case you can go either way with exclamation marks. In point three, the tune changes. Double exclamations have no place in a work email. The exclamation point is a sure sign of an amateur copywriter.

You can spot bad copywriting by the frequent use of exclamation points.

A Friendly Person's Guide to Using Exclamation Marks Correctly! And Incorrectly!

It's worse when several are used at the end of a headline. "Not three exclamation points, not 27 exclamation points, not in all red," Pachter said. "But if you use them sparingly, they can be effective." Tom Bracken, president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, said he uses exclamation points in his professional emails and has no objections to receiving similarly punctuated correspondence.

Overuse of exclamation points is a sign of undisciplined writing. The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke." Do not use even one of these marks unless you're convinced it is justified.

Use of exclamation points in business writing
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