The major problems that germany faced after the end of world war i

Jobs did not exist and capital was scarce to revitalise the economies. The biggest task was to rebuild Europe, which lay in ruins. This assistance is generally credited with helping to launch the European economic recovery.

Noreover, there were two agreements that eased the burden of reparations. The shared suffering and sacrifice of the war years strengthened the belief in most democracies that governments had an obligation to provide basic care for all citizens. In China and eastern Europe the communists used the accusation of collaboration with the Japanese or the Nazis to eliminate their political and class enemies.

And this time civilians had been the target as much as the military.

Weimar Germany 1918-1924

The once great powers of Japan and Germany looked as though they would never rise again. Germany struggled with democracy after the Napoleonic era. Many Europeans were surviving on less than 1, calories per day; in the Netherlands they were eating tulip bulbs. About 60 the population of Germany were in the French, British, and American zones.

There seems to be substasntial differences among the different occupation forces.

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The German transport system would hve o be rebuilt from the ground up. And this brought into play American idealism as well as the fact that so many Americans were of German ancestry.

Transport Post-War Germany was awash with humnity.

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For a whole year the Allies flew in food, fuel and other things that the population needed to survive. German occupation zones after World War II After the war many Nazi leaders were arrested and punished for what they had done in the war.

In the twenty years followingthere was a broad political consensus concerning the Cold War and anti-Communism. In France and Italy, women finally got the vote. During the war, millions more had fled their homes or been forcibly moved to work in Germany or Japan or, in the case of the Soviet Union, because Stalin feared that they might be traitors.

West German economic growth outstripped that in East Germany whih proved the most dymamic economy in the Eadt Bloc. He was able to convince Germans that the Aryan race, not just the Caucasians, but a specific sub-group of Caucasians with specific physical characteristics was superior to all others.

And it may have been easier to build strong economies from scratch than the partially damaged ones of the victors. The Nazis and their allies were bad and they did evil things.

They resented the government for agreeing to its conditions and signing it, even though they were forced to by the Allies. It got so bad that people even started to eat wallpaper paste and replaced their wall paper with money!

Hi work in implemented food-rationing and distribution policies for the U.

5 Postwar Challenges

American GIs were well supplied with cigarettes, chocolate, and othervhard to get items.After the end of the war, a conference was held in Potsdam, Germany, to set up peace treaties. The countries that fought with Hitler lost territory and had to pay reparations to the Allies.

Germany and its capital Berlin were divided into four parts. The Allied policies toward Germany were very different after World War II than World War I.

Rebuilding the world after the second world war

This time the question of war guilt wa not in doubt, at least after press freedom was. A color photograph of the bombed-out historic city of Nuremberg, Germany in June ofafter the end of World War II. Nuremberg had been the host of huge Nazi Party conventions from to Germany faced a lot of problems at the end of World War I.

Germany had gained some territories during World War I, but toward the close of the war Germany was forced to concede and sign a peace. The postwar world also presented Americans with a number of problems and issues.

What problems did Britain cause for Germany after World War 1?

Flushed with their success against Germany and Japan inmost Americans initially viewed their place in the postwar world with optimism and confidence. Key problems. The Weimar Republic was created at a time of confusion and chaos after Germany had lost the First World War.

Many people felt that Germany had received a very harsh deal in the.

The major problems that germany faced after the end of world war i
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