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In May of she returned to the hospital for ten days. Saeed had refused to continue her regimen of the antipsychotic Haldolthe treatment that had worked for her during her first breakdown in She appeared temporarily stabilized.

How can one possibly stay sane or get Andrea yates paper treatment incarcerated? Mary, the infant was drowned next and left in the tub. This meant that she would not have to back to a prison but instead be sent to a state maximum security hospital where she will remain until she is determined not to be a danger to herself or others.

Saeed took place on June 18, Prior to her second trial, she told Dr. In Rusty moved his family into a three hundred and fifty square foot remodeled bus. In high school she was valedictorian, captain of the swim team, and Valedictorian.

While in the psychiatric unit Andrea Yates was found to have been non-verbal and severely depressed. She stays in bed all day, begins self mutilating, scratching bald spots on her head, and scraping her legs and arms.

Andrea Yates was born in Houston, Texas on July 2, She told Rusty that for the first time she felt encouraged about the future, but would always view their past life on the bus as failure as a mother. She graduated in from the University of Texas, school of nursing.

Yates was receiving from Saeed, why would a professionally trained psychiatrist make a decision based upon the words of his patient? Michael Welner that she waited for Rusty to leave for work that morning before filling the bathtub because she knew he would have prevented her from harming them.

Rusty testified that he never knew that she had visions and voices; he said he never knew she had considered killing the children. The couple did not listen to the warnings of the doctors and they continue to have children. This will surely guarantee future psychotic depression.

Mohammad Saeed accepted the responsibility of providing care to Andrea Yates in order to treat her mental illness and he failed.

Andrea Yates Paper

Her first trial verdict was guilty. Once she has made enough progress and improvement, she can then be moved to another mental health facility in the state. They need to seek treatment and help because ignoring an issue like mental illness might result in a tragedy that could have been avoided.

On June20,Rusty Yates receives a call from his wife Andrea to return home from work. The Andrea Yates court case was very interesting because it brought to light the details of a how Andrea got to the state of mind she was in.

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She warned and counseled them against having more children, and noted in the medical record two days later, "Apparently patient and husband plan to have as many babies as nature will allow! Two days prior to the killings of five innocent children, this doctor had the opportunity to intervene but chose to ignore the obvious signs of danger.

She was again hospitalized and her new psychiatrist took her off her prescribed medication, Haladol. The real question to me is: Moira Dolan, executive director of the Medical Accountability Network, " homicidal ideation " was added to the warning label of the antidepressant drug Effexor as a rare adverse event, in Investigation of Bodies in Water.

She was not the average hardened criminal but a loving, religious wife and mother who just happen to fall victim to a mental illness in which she had no control over. All the information the reporters had was a mother killed all her children then called the police to report it.

As details unfolded over the next few months and stories would surface that revealed Mrs. It has been written that her father, a brother and a sister have suffered from depression.

This was very disturbing news. She continued under Dr. Dolan reviewed her medical record at the request of Rusty. With a very prominent legal team working on her behalf, Andrea gets what seems to be a miracle.

These symptoms include her belief that that there are cameras in her home watching her and that television cartoon characters are communicating with directly to her.

She was the class valedictoriancaptain of the swim team, and an officer in the National Honor Society. With four young children in such a cramped space, Andrea began to show signs of mental decline.

On May 3,she degenerated back into a "near catatonic " state and filled the bathtub in the middle of the day; she would later confess to police that she had planned to drown the children that day, but had decided against doing it then.

Saeed proved his resistance to providing any information to the jury — when given the opportunity to directly defend a serious allegation that had been brought against the doctor himself; he made no attempt to defend himself.Andrea Yates Paper InAndrea Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub in her home.

This was very disturbing news. I am a native Houstonian.

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I was at home that day. The television was on and will never forget the news breaking announcements that broke the story of a homicide in Clear Lake. All the information the reporters had was a. The case of Andrea Yates has troubled us all when we learned that a mother drowned 5 kids in her home in Texas nearly two years ago.

As this horrific family slaughter stirred up both feelings of hate and sympathy, many people were trying to find out whether she was really insane and unable to /5(3).

Andrea Yates Assignment Andrea Pia Yates was a 36 year old woman, married to Rusty Yates and together they had 5 children. The children ages ranged from 6 months to 7 years; Mary, 6 months, Luke, 2, Paul, 3, John, 5, and Noah, 7.

Andrea Yates was born in Houston, Texas on July 2, In high school she was valedictorian, captain of the swim team, and Valedictorian.

She graduated from Milby High school in Houston, Texas in Andrea Yates Paper Linda J. Hernandez PSY Abnormal Psychology Professor Lisa Prince Rutsky August 21, Andrea Yates Paper InAndrea Yates drowned her five children in.

Andrea Yates

Opinion Paper about Andrea Yates Essay Sample June 20, Andrea Yates shocked a nation as news stations aired stories proclaiming that she had taken the lives of her five children.

Andrea yates paper
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